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About Us

The Knox Box Apartments are conveniently located 10 steps away from The University of Maryland campus in a residential area right near the heart of downtown College Park, Maryland. We are surrounded by College Park's student hot spots including Bentley's, Cornerstone, Chipotle and Starbucks. The Hillel and The Catholic Student Center are also steps away. The Knox Box Apartments offer you an off campus housing opportunity without sacrificing close proximity to your classes and student social life.

Our location simply can't be beat!

The Knox Boxes are 141 apartments located within 47 duplex houses managed by Knox Management. We offer 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units that are situated on three levels. Each apartment has a private entrance, kitchen and bathroom. Some of our amenities include parking options, private lawn access and an additional large outdoor courtyard space for entertaining.

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The Diamondback Readers Choice Award

Other Amenities

  • Walk to Campus
  • Private Parking
  • 3 UMD shuttle bus stops within the community
  • Social Events
  • Private Lawn Access
  • Outdoor courtyard for entertaining


Knox Box Apartments; Managed By Knox Management | 711 Gorman Avenue, Suite A, Laurel,  MD 20707 | Office:301.776.0162 | Fax: 301.776.9394